Field Trip: Black-Eyed Susie

Sharing a most recent post from my friends at Quarter Life 202. Can’t wait to shop there.

Black-Eyed Susie

via Field Trip: Black-Eyed Susie.

Some photos from Susie’s shop

New secondhand shop in Columbia Heights ready for spring

Susie the owner

Reposted from Quarter Life 202 on March 9, 2011

Black-Eyed Susie is a new addition to the shopping corridor in Columbia Heights, just north of the DCUSA shopping center. We visited owner Susie Saadian on Saturday morning before shoppers were out en masse, so there was plenty of time to chat while steaming clothes by the register. Black-Eyed Susie offers affordable secondhand clothes from a variety of name brands–everything from Target to True Religion. Most prices are moderate, but be warned that you might recognize some of the items from your own closet. The selection is pretty mainstream, but there’s enough of a variety of men’s and women’s items that you’re bound to find something for you within five minutes of browsing.

The shop, located up a flight of stairs up from the sidewalk, is inviting. It’s even more inviting once you learn about the work that Susie did on her own to prepare the space. She acquired racks from stores that were closing, and found secondhand fixtures that she could paint and decorate to match her store’s design and feel. There’s a lot of black and white, and all the chairs (in fitting rooms and for trying on shoes, of course), were reupholstered by a crafty friend.

The primary benefit of consigning with Susie is that it’s not really consignment: you get cash up front for your clothing. So if you want cash without having to wait for an item to sell, Susie is probably your easiest option. No appointment is necessary but you can only sell to the store from Wednesday through Friday.

If you need a little retail therapy but don’t want to open your wallet too far, visit Black-Eyed Susie and save while you spend. Black Eyed Susie is located at 3443 14th St., NW.

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