My 80 day check in

Monday, March 21st marked the 80th day of my 365 day challenge to abstain from shopping at any department, clothing, specialty or high-end retail stores for 1 year. This  includes shoes and accessories. Yeah even shoes……but I have a great solution for that. I’ll share with you later.

Brand new boots - Free

There are three reason for this self-imposed challenge.

1. I have more than enough clothes in my closet. I’m a borderline clothes hoarder and not ashamed of it 🙂 well maybe a little bit.

One of my racks of Fab Finds

2. I’m a seamstress by trade. Therefore every time I’ve ever needed a pair of pants, skirt  or other outfit to wear I literally would make something in one night to satisfy my needs. My schedule doesn’t permit me to sew any more but that’s not and issue I have plenty custom made clothing at my disposal.

3. Cost savings. I realized at this point in my life I should do a better job at saving and building that nest egg.  If I cease shopping for the year I could save thousands of dollars.

Clothing Swap - Frugal Fashionistas

The last 80 days……(and my great discovery)

I will admit the first couple weeks were a bit shaky. Therefore I’m taking this challenge to Jan 3, 2011 due to some things I had hiccups I had to work around at the beginning of the year.

You might ask what about underwear and other necessities. Fortunately one of my beast girlfriends and I found a great sale at the end of 2010 at Hanes Outlet. We found underwear priced at 75% off. We stocked up and won’t have to buy any for at least a year. This includes camisoles and other foundations. What a great buy. Which leaves me with the hosiery dilemma. I haven’t figured out how to get around that so they go on my “exception list”.

When I began this challenge I had the following in my regular rotation,  20 suits, 5 skirts, 12 pairs of pants, 4 dresses and about 80 pairs of shoes. Take note I said my regular rotation. This doesn’t count all the excess I had on hand. I began gathering this stuff up and placing it into bags for goodwill and to take to upcoming clothing swaps.

Since incorporating swaps, goodwill and consignment shops to expand my wardrobe I’ve not missed a beat. In fact 75% of what I have acquired has been brand new and designer labels. Way to go me!!

Anne Klein suit $7.49, BCBG Blouse $3.98

I would rate my progress with this challenge about a 7. Almost 3 months in and veered off course 2 times.  Once I went but did not spent a dime in a department or specialty store and the 2nd time I fell off the wagon but it was worth it. For my birthday a friend gave me a gift card for Syms and I picked up a dress during their twice a year “Bash” where everything in the store is on sale. Staying true to being frugal, always. Then I slipped up one other time and bought a suit, blouse and jeans at a store that was going out of business and everything was 75%  or more off. I didn’t spend more than $30. I just couldn’t pass it up. Everything else I acquired adhering to the challenge.

My great discovery

I attended the Green Living Expo last weekend and sat in on a Seminar on “Thrifty Fashion” when I learned about The Great American Apparel Diet. You got it, a clothing diet. Whouda thunk it???  No shopping AT ALL. Nuthin’, Nada, Ziltch, Zero! hmmmm, am I ready for this? Well I joined today and will add this new challenge beginning in July which will mark my personal half way point.  Check it out for yourself. I dare any of my friends 🙂

Oh and as for the shoe challenge, I’m attending a “shoe swap” in May. That should cover my footwear needs for the remainder of the year!

Stay tuned for my ramped up challenges for April and June. In April I will attempt to wear a different item of clothing everyday. including shoes. A friend suggested I try this. It’s gonna get interesting………

2 thoughts on “My 80 day check in

  1. Way to go, Jen! You are inspiring me to “think” about joining in on this challenge. I’ve got to do much better with my saving…not getting any younger and don’t want to be working until I’m 90 to pay for clothes and shoes I purchased in my younger years.

    • Hi April, So glad you subscribed and are thinking about this challenge. It’s really a lot of fun. If you can sign up for the May Swap you should do that as soon as possible before there is a waiting list. Talk with you soon!

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