A Frugal Girls Heaven! Tossed and Found…..

This weekend was the mother of all weekends for Sew Frugal and Fashionable. Mega Bargain & Thrift City came and plopped itself down in Crystal City this weekend by way of the Junior League club, “Tossed and Found”.

Day one, Friday was “Preview Night”. From 7-9pm we had a chance to peruse all the items  from furs, to furniture to glassware. This was overwhelming, exciting and exhausting all at the same time. With the help of 3 friends I ran into midway through shopping I walked away with a suede coat for $20, an AK Spring coat for $20, 2 skirts for $15 and two designer suits for $35. Day two, Saturday by mid-day everything was 1/2 off!!! REALLY??? Amazing. I went back Saturday afternoon and ran into my friend Courtney and stayed until they closed at 5pm. I found 4 pairs of designer pants for $7 each. 4 skirts for $5 each, 5 blouses for $2.50 each (I even picked up a shirt for my friend Lily). I found an embroidered coat for $10 and I went home with a smile :-). Day three, Sunday is when we darn near lost our minds. I met up with Lily and we bought a big plastic garbage bag and filled it to capacity for $40 buckaroos!!! and I can’t even begin to tell you all we stuffed in there. I bought things from 2 piece suits to items that I’m planning to use in some special craft projects. It was insane on the last day. Women were dragging around carts and pushing boxes. Everyone protecting their stash in various corners of the room.  The best way to shop at one of these types of events is to take a friend. This way you can keep your eye out for each other. What a fun frugal weekend we had! Can’t wait until next year. Be sure to save this link for The Junior League of Washington so you too can attend the event next year.

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One thought on “A Frugal Girls Heaven! Tossed and Found…..

  1. Wow! Compared to these pictures, by the time I went on Saturday the place had already been ransacked! You and Lily clearly made out like bandits; I wish I could have come on Friday if for nothing more than the cupcakes 🙂

    I also can’t believe you got all of that stuff on Saturday considering you came near the end of the event. You are a pro, I tell ya!

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