Day 2 Spring Cleaning and Swap Prep

Spring Cleaning Day #2

Today I removed everything from all closets. The clothing on the rack stays in tact and I only removed items which don’t belong. Whew! what a task. Now time to separate suits, blouses, skirts and pants. Tomorrow I will replace all items. Right now I’m sleepy and going to bed.

Swap prep Day #2

The first reason to remove everything from the closet it to put it in the place it belongs. The second reason is to remove what is going to the swap and Goodwill. Below is the start of a pile of clothes I’m taking to the swap this weekend. This pile is growing quickly. Shoes still in their original boxes, sweaters with tags and a few shirts and blouses I haven’t worn in at least two years. You’ll see the final pile on Saturday.

My recommendation for anyone attending a swap: Start filling up plastic bags full of clothes. Make sure they are clean, stain and odor free. If it’s not an item you wouldn’t give to your girlfriend don’t bring it to the swap 🙂

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