Day 3 Spring Cleaning and Swap Prep

Sorry folks I missed posting yesterday. I was so tired after rearranging the closets I fell asleep. Therefore there will be three posts tonight. (Day 3 &4 and one additional post – maybe if I can stay awake)

Spring Cleaning Day #3:

So last night my bed looked like this after I pulled everything out

Now, all the clothing that was previously in the closets has been returned to their proper places. I still have some clothes in boxes and in garment bags. I will handle those items on Sunday after the swap. Maybe. But for now everything has a place 🙂

Challenges: It’s really really hard to get rid of items I have had for years. I havent worn these things. then why can’t I let them go. Sigh…..

Below are the after photos of the closets.


All the suits in one closet. so  nice and neat. No more plastic


All the blouses and Jackets in one closet. Jackets fit nicely in the back.


Skirts, Slacks and dresses on the rack. With room to spare. Ended up putting the jacket overflow on the racks

Whew!! What a project

Swap Prep Day #3

I only managed to pull 4-5 pieces from my closets. I kept thinking I will wear this and somethings I said to myself “I’ve had this on in the last year” or I would have worn this is my closets were organized” Well there is always the May swap……. Ok Advice for day Three??  Stop being in denial. Get rid of all that stuff you haven’t worn. Especially those shoes and don’t forget about accessories. Bag those up. Bring a smaller bag to the swap to place smaller items in.

My stash…..Its getting bigger and bigger! Will post pics tmrw. (Tomorrow we’ll talk Swap State of Mind)

One thought on “Day 3 Spring Cleaning and Swap Prep

  1. Oh Jen! I’m catching up on the blog, but was inspired to do a full clean up of my closet last night. I totally caught myself wanted to hold on to stuff because it was in great condition and still fit…yet I hadn’t worn those items in over a year. So I said….do it….and I tossed it in the bag to donate!

    You can do it! Si se puede!!

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