Day 4 Spring Cleaning and Swap Prep

Day #4 Spring cleaning

Today I began to assess all the clothing still in suitcases and boxes since I moved on into my new place. And let’s be honest the jackets and pants hanging on door hooks and back of chairs. I tackled those things this evening along with one basket of laundry left over from Sunday’s wash. I think that’s enough for tonight. I decided not to bother the hall closet with all the coats. They are relatively organized. (for now)

WHOA!!! I found this bag and it was full of clothes I had in storage! guess what inside was 2 coats, 2 jackets and a suit. All going to the swap. The rest needed alterations.

I separated these items that need alterations. My next sewing project and the title of one of our May Sewing Classes for Burda Style Sewing Club

Swap Prep Day #4  The Swapping Mindset

Being a good swapper is not easy

1. Each swap is a gamble – You might not get as much as you put in or your might gain more than you planned.

2. Swaps can be overwhelming. This can be discouraging. So take your time and rest in between visits to tables

3. Take a friend or two with you. Four eyes are better than two. You will be surprised what your friend will find that you might have missed

4. Keep an open mind. This refers back to #1. If you arrive early you might not see much. Hang around and watch who is bringing more items. You might find something great after an hour. So take a break and walk to your car and back.

5. Don’t spend a lot of time checking each piece out. First make sure you like the style, second check the brand. Brand is key (will address that in #6) 3rd Check the size, 4th make sure its clean. Then put it in your bag. Continue doing this until you feel like you have accumulated enough.

6. Brand is important. Especially if you are shopping for work clothes. Designer label clothing holds up much better than more inexpensive clothing (mainly suits). I always shop the brand. You will get more wear out of gently worn Banana Republic, Liz Claiborne, Ann Taylor, Gap etc than Kate Smith and Merona.  Now if you are looking for jeans, t-shirts, tops to throw, lightweight summer dresses and sweaters you can be a little more liberal. I have some great gently worn Target items such as shirts etc. Don’t discount anything. It might have potential.

7. Lastly: At a good swap they will provide mirrors and a dressing area. Take your stash and head over to the mirror. Start trying things on to make sure they fit. Remember if you can’t wear it and its nice there might  be a friend who can.

Below are my bags of stuff going to the swap. There will be more tomorrow.

One thought on “Day 4 Spring Cleaning and Swap Prep

  1. Get ready for Metro D.C.’s largest clothing swap group in town! The Frugal Fashionsita Clothing Swap is holding their April clothing swap this Sunday at the Franconia Governmental Center in Alexandria, VA. Please sign up at and join us for an afternoon of shopping for free! All remaining items are donated to local domestic violence shelters! It’s a GREAT TIME for SPRING CLEANING as well!

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