30 Days 30 Outfits Challenge

Welcome to Jen’s 30 in 30 Challenge.

Why this challenge: I have lots of clothes however there are days when I can’t find anything to wear therefore I resort to the same articles of clothing and they become part of my regular rotation. The same black pants, I have four pairs. There have been times I wore black pants twice in the same week. I should give them a rest.  There are clothes I have I have never worn the idea is to wear them this month.  And besides I thought it would be fun to challenge myself. I saw somewhere a woman challenged herself to wear the same 30 pieces of clothing for 30 days. I’m not quite ready for that yet. Baby steps. I want to wear the clothes I own.

What are the rules: These are the rules and if anyone wants to join me please let me know. I’d love to have a partner in this challenge

1.For 30 days repeating any item of clothing is not allowed. (there are exceptions-underwear, hosiery, athletic shoes & gear, PJ’s and walk the dog clothes).

2. This challenge does include Shoes. I have more than 80 pairs of shoes but there are only about 5 pairs that I wear regularly.  To give myself some reprieve I will not wear the same shoes more than twice in a week although I will strive for even less.

3. This challenge includes weekends and jeans. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE jeans and I have about 20 pair. I have two pairs I wear all the time. My commitment is that any jeans I don’t wear this month will go to the May swap or Goodwill. My jean collection is insane.

3. Not allowed to incorporate any new items. For example I’m certain I will find wonderful items at the upcoming swap and when I make my Goodwill run next week. Nope those arent allowed in the 30 day rotation.

***I have one thing working in my favor. The temperature for the next 3 days will be quite “fall like”. I will take advantage of this and wear boots through the weekend. Also I acquired 4 really cute dresses at last week’s Tossed and Found and I will be rocking those for sure.

Ok here we go…….Wish me luck

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