Day 5 -Final Day of Spring Cleaning and Swap Prep

Ahhhhhh…… I’m ready for the big weekend!

1. Closets reorganized, Check!

2. Swap garments placed in bags, Check!

3. Since the season is changing store and fold away sweaters, Check!

These Bags are great. I filled up 2 and stored sweaters away under the bed20110401-013849.jpg

4. Finally hung up everything, Check!

Whats left?

1. Purchase “no slide” hangers to replace the plastic and wire hangers. NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!!

2. Shoe purge. Honestly this is more difficult than clothes

3. Pick up dry cleaning

4. Drop off Swap items at the $1.98 dry cleaner and wash the rest.

5. Start making alterations (Sewing Project) featured on Burda Style (separate post)

Final Swap prep items

Now that you have finally gone through your closets and drawers for all the clothes you no longer wear you should be ready for the swap.

Just to recap:

1. Only take items to the swap that are clean and odor free

2. Keep and open mind

3. Take a friend or two to shop with you

4. Bring large bags and a separate bag for shoes

5. Wear leggings, jeggins or a leotard under your clothes so that you can try things on before you leave the swap.

6. Shop the brand

7. Move swiftly and don’t spend a lot of time on one item. You can throw things back later.

And lastly

8. Wear comfortable shoes. Don’t go to the swap trying to be cute and fashionable, this is work and you will be on a mission. You will be on your feet sometimes standing in one place for long periods. Wear flats or tennis shoes

Happy Swapping!!!!

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