Finding Good Deals for a Friend

What is just as good as finding a fantastic bargain for yourself? Finding a “Fabulous Find” for a friend.

A couple of months back on my monthly run to Goodwill, Rockville I stumbled across a Tahari Boucle dress coat and an Arden B, mustard color, leather coat. Surely it was my lucky day. The leather coat  was belted and had fox fur on the collar. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I saw it was an extra small and knew there was not much I could do with it. However, I thought about my friend Lily who is much smaller and very stylish. I knew she would appreciate the value in this coat. I grabbed it and went straight to the register and paid $23. Here she is pictured below wearing one of Jen’s “Fab Finds”.

2 thoughts on “Finding Good Deals for a Friend

  1. Your blog is so inspiring! There is no better thrill than the thrill of a deal, and it’s so nice that you found something so good you just had to share it instead of letting it go! I am just getting into thrifting, and you have motivated me to be more serious about it. I am new to the Rockville area and have been to chic to chic and goodwill. do you have any other recommendations??

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