Frugal Fashionistas Clothing Swap April

After a weeks prep the day of the swap finally was upon us. Frugal Fashionistas Clothing Swap organizer Kim Pratt did an excellent job of pulling this event together. The room was decorated with flowers and dressform table toppers and even had a mirror to try things on. I attended along with a few friends and we piled in with empty tote bags in tow, comfy shoes and an open mind. On the way in from the parking lot women were asking to see what was in my bags. That’s how excited everyone was about being there and racking up on some fabulous finds. We went in and started swapping searching for those great finds. What’s funny is when all was said and done we ended up picking up one another’s items off the table. It was a good time had by all.

Although I didn’t personally walk away with nearly as much as the last swap I was able to clear my closets of lots of unwanted items. Each swap is a gamble. Sometime you get a lot and some times not so much. What’s important is to shop the brand so that you can get quality items from the swap. See below: We found items by Ann Taylor and Talbots at the swap. These brands and many others have more potential for long wear and classic styling.

Ann Taylor


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