Day 5 of 30 Days 30 Outfits

Rushing and 2 changes!

The words for this morning. Which caused me to pull out the old standbys. Black pants black jacket, shirt and flats.  Problem is I wanted to save something like this for the end of the month when I was scrambling to find something to wear. Oh well…… It was pouring raining this morning and I woke up 45 minutes late so I needed quick and easy. Man what a long day! you see I’m sitting down.

What adds to my chaos is that I have to attend a dinner this evening and its early in the month. Do I pull my best and favorite suit out of the closet? Darnit!

Below, the work outfit, the blouse and the suit for the dinner.

Wearing: Black pants I made 5 years ago. Proud that they still fit. Black Jacket Ann Taylor, GW Rockville, MD, Black and white polka dot blouse, National Swap day at Nana's, shoes, pewter flats from the 1/2 off sweetheart sale at GW Annandale, VA

Picked up this blouse Nana's during National Swap day (FREE)

Just got back from the Dinner. Decided on this teal Liz Claiborne suit I picked up at the rummage sale Tossed and Found a week and a half ago. I really like the fit. It was as if it was waiting for me 🙂


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