Getting Organized for Spring Sewing

One of the things I decided to get done before I left Chicago two and a half years ago was to get all my fabric and patterns organized. What a daunting task. I own over 500 patterns. How is that possible you ask? Well I still have my first pattern from the first pair of shorts I made when I was 9 and the firt outfits I made in highschool sewing and advance tailoring. I am officially a Pattern Hoarder!! Yes I said it. Incredibly Ridiculous!  But I had to get them organized so that I could pull from them when I needed to. Well it might look like it all got organized and they did but instead of organizing them by number I should have organized them by type of clothing. Now I still can’t find what I need. LOL!! But they aren’t all jammed into a box in a mess.

All in all its a great idea if you need to organize your patterns. You should choose what order works best for you

What you need:

*4 inch three hole binders

*Ziploc Bags or other plastic bags

*Sterilite containers or Rubbermaid bins

*clear plastic notebook inserts

*Black permanent marker

*A friend 🙂

*Patience and Time

1. Separate the patterns by brand

2. Put them in numerical order

3. Separate the pattern from the envelop

4. Write the pattern number on the ziploc/plastic bag

5. After placing the pattern tissues in the plastic bag, place it in the plastic container

6. the pattern envelop should go inside the clear plastic sleeve and then placed into the notebook

See below for finished product

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