Weekend Sewing Project wrap up

The goal was to make these very simple alterations in order to wear it this past week but time didn’t permit. Sigh…… So after two weeks I finally got around to completion.

I picked up this dress during Quarter Life’s Swap Event for  National Swap Day at Nana’s in January this year. Those who know me know I don’t like short dresses but I thought this dress had conversion potential and I was right. I typically pick up several items during swaps and place them in the “conversion bag”. My intention is to update them or make alterations. This blog is forcing me to make good on my projects.  One of the best parts of swapping is the creation of something new out of something old. You pick up one thing and eventually it turns into something else, like this dress into a blouse. If we have a warm day next week I will wear this blouse under my black lightweight suit. Below you will see the very simple steps I took to make this dress into a blouse.

What appealed to me to me the most about this dress was the drape neck. I find the drape neck to be very flattering, especially with suits. What I disliked the most was the way it is cut on an angle and it is short. I did try it on and it fit great but it looked out of style.

You will see this blouse in rotation later this week 🙂

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