Day 15 of 30 Days 30 Outfits

Half way point check in: (one day late)

So far so good. Even though I joke about it I am seriously considering extending this challenge. I don’t seem to be running out of options. That’s a sign and I haven’t figured out if its a good sign or bad sign. Between attending swaps every other month and my monthly visits to Goodwill I’m well prepared. Tomorrow evening I am attending the Fashion Nite Out Clothing Swap  and I managed to pull together two bag of clothes to take to the swap. Imagine that.! I continue to find clothes I can let go of. Lets see how much I end up coming back with. May 1st will be the decision day…….To continue the wardrobe challenge or not??

Day 15

This morning I thought it would be a nice spring day. Psyche!! But it sure had the makings for a beautiful Spring day. Sunshine and all but it never quite made it past 65 degrees. I wore linen against my better judgement and yes I was co0000ld! Did I mention the peep toe wedges I wore? Well I quickly changed from those into some beige leather ankle straps I recently acquired at a swap. (Thanks Lily)

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