Day 17 of 30 Days 30 Outfits

The weekend really let us know Spring is in the air……HA! who am I fooling? It was cold and I really wanted spring to be here. Well maybe by next weekend. Fingers Crossed. In the spirit of frugality I took a couple friends to some of my favorite DC thrift/vintage/consignment stores on Sunday. Our first stop was Nana’s on Mt. Pleasant. Quarterlife was holding a Pop-up-Shop there is weekend and boy was it FANTASTIC! Lisa had some great vintage items including shoes to die for! I can’t wait for her next event when I can spend some serious $$’s. As soon as I’m done with the Great American Apparel Diet in August I’m going to purchase one of her vintage items :-). After wards we headed to Frugalista a super thrifty store which very organized with great shoes:). And our last stop was Black Eyed Susie. If you remember we featured Susie’s shop last month on our mini-thrift tour. Susie has some great items and accepts goods on consignment. Stop by and see her someday.

My weekend uniform, jeans......These are a real comfy pair that stretch. I paired it with a jacket I picked up at Tossed and Found

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