Inaugural pop-up shop: In retrospect

Blog post from our friends over at Quarterlife 202 Lily and I had such a great time and picked up some fantastic items !!! Thanks Lisa, can’t wait til you do this again 🙂

Heading into Nana's for the Quarterlife 202 Pop Up Shop

Inaugural pop-up shop: In retrospect

Wow, I feel pretty terrible that I’ve gotten to Thursday without putting up a post about my first pop-up shop at Nana. I need something to blame this neglect on. I shall choose Passover.

When we set up on Sunday morning, some higher being had blessed us with the most gorgeous of spring days. You could tell that people just wanted to be OUTSIDE, FROLICKING in the warm breeze and all that. And since people were out and about, they felt free to stop into our little shop (where we left the door open all day because we could!).

Some of my favorite things, which I had just pulled out of the reserves at the last minute, flew out the door looking beautiful on their new owners. A couple of funky blouses—covered in prints like butterflies and dinosaurs—also had their fans. It was much fun to see try on their new vintage clothes!

At one point we even had a line. But everyone was very patient. So that was nice. You know crowds make me anxious!

One last look: here some shoes and things.

Many thanks to Jen M. for sharing the photos in this post, and to Nana for sharing the sunny-day shop with me!

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