Preparation for Swap til You Drop

Hoping to see everyone at the Swap on Sunday! If you have items you would like to drop off in advance of the swap please feel free to drop them off at Black Eyed Susie between 12-5pm Tues thru Saturday. Mark your bag “Swap” visit: for tickets.

Potential Swappers, you may be new to this and have never attended a swap before or have no idea what swapping is all about. Below are a few of my personal suggestions to consider if you are planning to attend a Clothing Swap. If you have swap experiences please share your helpful hints too.

First thing you want to do is get a large bag (we’ll call this your swap bag) and start going through your closets and drawers and looking at all those clothes.

Swappers attending the Frugal Fashionista Clothing Swap

Rule number 1. If you haven’t worn it in a year, chances are you aren’t going to. And there is most likely a very good reason why. The item might be too big, too small, uncomfortable to wear, not your style or just have an improper fit.

As you go through your closets and drawers any thing that causes you to hesitate should go into your swap bag. Only keep the clothes that really work for you and all the rest let them become someone elses treasure.

After you have removed all unwanted clothing you should begin to think about what additional items you are in need of.  This helps to plan ahead so that you can be focused when you arrive at the swap. If you know you are short on sweaters you might want to start at the sweater table first and rack up. If you find yourself always wearing the same jeans over and over maybe you are due for a new pair. Jeans are always very popular at swaps

Swap day is right around the corner. What do you need to keep in mind?:

1. Wear comfortable shoes. This not the time to be cute and fashionable, this is work and you will be on a mission. You will be on your feet standing in one place for a couple hours. Wear flats or tennis shoes to keep your feet happy

2. Only take items to the swap that are clean and odor free

3. Keep and open mind. Sometimes you will find many items to add to your wardrobe and sometime not so much. Look carefully at the clothing items at the swap. Many items have great potential

4. Take a friend or two to swap with you

5. Bring large bags for your goodies and a separate bag for shoes

6. Wear leggings, jeggins or a tee shirt under your clothes so that you can try things on before you leave the swap. Anything you are unsure of throw it back so that you are not taking items home unnecessarily

7. Shop the brand. You will find that name brand clothing tends to hold up much better. If you are looking for longevity when it comes to gently worn clothing the higher end the item

8. Move swiftly and don’t spend a lot of time on one item. You can throw things back later.

9. After you have gone through all the racks and table you are now ready to try on. Take your time to go through and make sure items are not torn or stained.

And lastly

Happy Swapping!!!!

Swappers attending the Frugal Fashionista Clothing Swap

Published by Jenna M

Sew Frugal & Fashionable and The Urban Sewing Society is all about helping you building a fashionable wardrobe through sewing, refashioning vintage and thrifting. We offer vintage and ready made pop up shops which feature carefully selected clothing and accessories to help you achieve that one of a kind look. We have sewing classes to help you unleash your creativity and style. Follow us on Instagram @SewFrugal and @TheUrbanSewingSociety

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