Making my monthly Goodwill run

Shopping thrift stores can be an invigorating and rewarding experience. Not only is it one of the most frugal ways of shopping, it is practical and fun. Especially if you approach it with the right attitude and come prepared. For me I get the biggest thrill in the search for those hidden treasures. I’m often amazed at what I find on the racks at Goodwill. Take for instance last week  I made my monthly run with a friend. It was Customer Appreciation Day and when you shop on CAD you also receive 25% off your total purchase. I also brought in the Facebook Coupon and received an additional 10% off.   I found a boatload of designer clothing and shoes in excellent condition. Some even brand new. Makes you think why would someone discard such treasures.  I am however thankful to the donors and so are the folks who benefit from Goodwill’s services to the community.  Donating to Goodwill is easy and leaves you with a great feeling.

Next months project is to visit between 6-10 thrift/consignment stores in the DC, MD and VA area. Sew Frugal will be critiquing the quality of the clothing, price, merchandise display, customer service, location and much more. We will report weekly findings and great buys. Below is a preview of next months “How to shop thrift and consignment stores” . Watch for the first in a series on shopping thrift on May 1st after the swap.

It's important to inspect the label. Brand is extremely important when shopping at a thrift store. Here we have a designer suit in mint condition

Brand name clothing tends to hold up much better against washing, dry cleaning and just your day to day wear and tear.

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