Final Day of the challenge

(Still catching up on the wardrobe challenge)

YAY!!! I made it. With only one slip up in 30 days. What a relief to be done with this challenge. 🙂

After playing dress up this morning I changed clothes and spent most of the day running around preparing for the swap. I picked up tables, raffle prizes, food, drinks and even made a visit to Joann Fabrics. Notions wall was 50% off. What a treat and a pleasant surprise! I felt totally inspired and ready to get sewing. Too bad I won’t have any time this weekend 😦 however my creative juices are definitely flowing.

Below is the morning wardrobe change. First time I’ve worn these pieces and it’s definitely one of my favorites.

*Ann Taylor  Navy Blue and White Jacket (Goodwill)

*Ann Taylor White Linen skirt (Goodwill)

*Spanish made navy blue pumps (Swap)

Ann Taylor Jacket. Goodwill $3

Ann Taylor 2 tiered linen skirt $5

Spanish made leather pumps I picked up two months ago at Frugal Fashionista Clothing Swap

For Shopping the rest of the afternoon I decided to wear a tee-shirt I purchased when I attended Shecky’s Night out DC. My love for butterflies will permeate my wardrobe this weekend.

*White Tee Shirt with  a butterfly made of sequins

*Gap low-rise black boot-cut jeans

Silver Sequined Butterfly tee shirt ($10) with black gap jeans

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