One of my favorite sewing projects

My sewing background began with prom dresses in the early years. I helped my mother make my prom dress. When I reflect on that dress I’m not sure why I thought it was cute with those big puffy sleeves. At the time I made it work and felt like a little princess. As the years went on I continued making formal wear and eventually transitioned into business wear. By this time I was working in a corporate work environment and was tired of looking like everyone else in their typical 2 piece business suits. In more recent years I began going for a more tailored look which reflects my slightly conservative style with a couture edge and feel. Below you will see one of my prized pieces. I made this for a friend in Chicago over a weekend and received many request to duplicate. Instead of exact replicas I produced variations on a theme which were just as fabulous. I will feature them in later blog posts.

I enjoy creating garments which become interesting conversation pieces. Not so artsy that they cause people to question your style and taste but the kind of garment that is unique, classic and demonstrates impeccable taste.

Piping makes this garment so crisp and clean.

The front has clean crisp lines created with eggshell piping with matching buttons

The back shows the continuation of the lines and the sleeves are accented with the eggshell piping and split sleeve

2 thoughts on “One of my favorite sewing projects

  1. Jen, I love what you did with the piping on this jacket! I always put piping on items I sew for my house (pillows, slip-covers, blankets) but haven’t ventured into piping garments. Thanks for this lovely idea!

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