Re-Styling your Wardrobe with Silver Spring Sewing Sisters

On May 15th from 2-4pm Silver Spring Sewing Sisters a Burda Style Sewing Club will have our 4th Sewing Meetup at Wheaton Public Library.

What does it mean to restyle clothing? It means taking something from your closet and breathing new life into it by taking it apart, adding something to it or making alterations for the purpose of updating.

Do you have a skirt, jacket, dress or pair of pants in your closet that needs a hem or a button and needs to be fixed so that you can put it back into your wardrobe rotation?  Or maybe you have a vintage item in your wardrobe you would like to consider refashioning. This class is for you. One of the easiest way to learn garment construction is to take something apart. For this class students are asked to bring in a few items and we will together to figure out solutions. If you need to learn how to sew on a button or replace a hem in your pants or skirt bring it with you. If you have a jacket or dress where the sleeves are too short or too long or a skirt you would like to shorten this is the class for you. We will learn quick and easy solutions as well as long term fixes to various wardrobe challenges or malfunctions 🙂

Please bring matching thread, scissors, pins and a sewing needle. Sewing Machine is optional

(more supplies may be required, please check back next week)

Happy Sewing!


Published by Jenna M

Sew Frugal & Fashionable and The Urban Sewing Society is all about helping you building a fashionable wardrobe through sewing, refashioning vintage and thrifting. We offer vintage and ready made pop up shops which feature carefully selected clothing and accessories to help you achieve that one of a kind look. We have sewing classes to help you unleash your creativity and style. Follow us on Instagram @SewFrugal and @TheUrbanSewingSociety

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