Shirts and Blouses are Essential

Well, I have officially stocked up!

Among the many lessons learned during my wardrobe challenge was how important it is to take stock of what you have in your closet. When meeting with my test client I explained, this eliminates having excess clothing you don’t wear and that feeling of  “I have nothing to wear”. Personally I have no excuse. I did however recognize  my lack of shirts and blouses along with the fact my wardrobe was somewhat devoid of sufficient color. I’ve given away so many shirts at swaps and to Goodwill over the past few months I really needed to restock.  One of my recommendations for adding a little color in a more conservative wardrobe  is to couple those brown, black, blue and gray business suits with a nice blouse or shirt that really pops. I am incorporating some oranges, greens, purple, light blue and even pink into the mix.  Check out some of my great finds!

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