Lessons Learned – Recapping Jen’s 30/30 Wardrobe Challenge

Wardrobe Challenge Recap

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Just to recap my original post:

April 2011

Why this challenge: I have lots of clothes however there are days when I can’t find anything to wear therefore I resort to the same articles of clothing and they become part of my regular rotation. You know the same black pants, I have four pairs. The same white shirt. So safe and so tired.  There have been times I wore black pants twice in the same week. I should give them a rest.  There are clothes I have I have never worn and the idea is to wear them this month.  And besides I thought it would be fun to challenge myself. I saw on a blog where a woman challenged herself to wear the same 30 pieces of clothing for 30 days. I’m not quite ready for that yet. Baby steps. Essentially I want to wear the clothes I own or get rid of them.

May 2011

I discovered many things about myself and my clothing during Jen’s 30/30 Wardrobe Challenge”. I’m certain many of these discovery’s could be applied to almost any woman who is even halfway fashion conscious  and attempting to keep her wardrobe up to date.

To begin with I will share with you what I learned about my clothing:

*   I’ve got lots of clothes (more than my share)

*   I don’t own enough pants

*   I still don’t like skirts. As you see I only wore them 4 times in the month

*   I’d like to have more color in my wardrobe.  Even though I work in a pretty conservative environment a little more color wouldn’t hurt. For spring I need more pink, light  blue, reds and yellow.

*   I’m really low on shirts and blouses

*   I have waaay too much beige, brown and blue. That’s boooooring. From now on I will shop color (light greens, peach, orange,)

*   I have four brown skirts! I don’t even like skirts like that. Why do I have so many brown skirts? (at least two must go)

*   The two piece suit and cami is my best combo for the spring

*  Long dresses are flattering and comfortable to wear. Prior to the challenge I owned 2 now I own 5 thanks to swapping

*  Accessories make all the difference in the world when coordinating an outfit. I need more. Can you say accessories swap?? hmmmm……

What I learned about myself:

*  My  friends have great clothes and they  will give me their clothes…….I don’t even have to ask. How cool is that 🙂

*  Swaps and donating to Goodwill is really fantastic way to reduce my carbon footprint and protect our landfills

*  Attempting to wear a different item everyday made me realize what items I was lacking in my wardrobe and what I truly need to get rid of. (Such the items below. I took them to the last swap)

*  Did I mention I don’t like skirts?? I gave away three during the last swap.

*  Cleaning out my closets prior to beginning this challenge made it 100 times better to figure out what I will wear the next day

*  A two and a half-inch heel is all I need to be comfortable the entire day. Bringing tat extra pair of shoes is cumbersome

*  I’m an excellent wardrobe planner. Can you say new skill set?? I worked with my first customer this past weekend. I think I might be on to something

*  I don’t think I can ever go back to shopping in department stores again. Ever……


Here it is the 11th of the month and I still haven’t worn anything I had on in April. I’m still pulling items from my closets to wear. WOWZERS! How long could this go on??? 60 Days??

By the way I have already started building my stash for the next Swap! (coming soon) yes I still have more clothing to give 🙂

3 thoughts on “Lessons Learned – Recapping Jen’s 30/30 Wardrobe Challenge

  1. So proud of you! What an incredible, fashionable fete! BTW – I heart the sassy red dress on you! Work it, JMason! I’m so used to seeing you suited up that it totally caught me by surprise.

    All the outfits were great – you have impeccable taste and know what works for you. Just lovely.


  2. Great running into you today! You’ve really inspired me to take my wardrobe to the next level and helped me sharpen my eye at the thrift store! However, it must be the day of the week you go to the Rockville Goodwill because I never seem to find anything at that location. But it doesn’t stop me from trying!

    Hope to be at your class on Sunday. I have some pieces that I have been holding since last summer that I’d like to try to wear this summer.

    Take care,


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