Sharing My Designs

When I began teaching sewing classes earlier this year it was because I realized my life had become void of my passion. I was truly missing doing something that I love which is fun, enjoyable and rewarding.  I have been so inspired since teaching these past few sewing classes.  I’m thankful to the enthusiasm of the students in the class and the energy they have for learning. I really feel my motivation to sew being restored. It’s both inspiring and encouraging to teach sewing to individuals who are themselves excited about the craft.  I would like to take a moment to highlight a few of my designs and past sewing projects. As you can see my style is conservative and classic. I tend to stick with styles which will stand the test of time and are flexible enough to be restyled at a later date. If I’m spending 5-6 days on a garment I want to be able to get significant wear out of it. My favorite fabrics to work with are raw silk, denim, organza, and various laces and satins. Going through my computer files earlier this week I ran across some pics from a photo shoot of my work. Hope you like.

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