Shoes, Shoes, Shoes…..Can a woman ever have too many?

My emotional response is absolutely not! My logical answer is “of course not” besides how does one define “too many”  🙂

After my 30 day challenge I gave away about 7 pairs of shoes that hurt. I loved these shoes, they were fabulous but two hours into my day my feet were screaming for relief. I decided no more band aids, no more blisters, no more limping and no more having to bring slippers to work in order to give my feet relief. Off to Goodwill and Swaps go my painful shoes :-).

Since shoes are such an essential aspect of the wardrobe one should always take them into careful consideration. A good pair of shoes can be worn for many years if you take good care of them.

A few tips for caring for your shoes:

1. Keep them shined, buffed and/or cleaned

2. Keep the heels repaired

3. Don’t wear your good shoes while driving

4. Keep them in a box or shoe rack when they are not being worn. Not on the closet floor

5. It’s a good idea to keep a spare pair of walking shoes in your purse, bag, at work or under your car seat, especially if you are someone who walks a lot.

6. Try to refrain from spending too much time walking on the concrete in your good shoes. This really wears out the soles and heels.

7. Invest in good insoles. Over time while you pound the pavement, literally, even the insides of your shoes can take a beating. Insoles keep your      feet happy and lengthen the time you can wear your favorite pair.

Back in February I acquired these pewter flats with a buckle from Goodwill in Annandale, VA for $4-5. They are extremely comfortable and I keep them in my car under the seat. Mainly they serve as my driving shoes but they are comfortable and cute enough that I occasionally wear them with a pair of slacks or in the rare instance I don’t feel up to wearing heels. Yes it does happen…

These cute little numbers below I swapped with a friend at a Clothing Swap back in March. They are Ann Taylor suede flats and are just perfect for the transitioning months.

Buying Shoes at Thrift and Consignment Stores:

When it comes to buying shoes at a thrift stores I tend to be pretty selective. I always look for shoes that have either never been worn or have very little wear. The idea of wearing a shoe with a run over heel that’s scratched up is quite unappealing.

When shopping for shoes at a thrift or consignment store it’s important to remember a few preliminary points:

1. Pre-worn shoes are not for everyone. If you are squeamish about wearing another persons shoes I would say thrift store footwear is not for you.

2. Pre-worn shoes can be more comfortable for some people because they have already been broken in.

3. Always bring a pair of socks or knee-hi hosiery when shopping. You probably don’t want to try on shoes in your bare feet. Especially not running or tennis shoes.

4. Pay close attention to the soles of the shoes. I you can still see/feel the no-slip ridges then you are most likely in good shape however a lot depends on the brand.

5. Examine the shoes throughly. Check the connection between the fabric of the shoe and the sole

6. Always use a deodorizer and clean the shoes before wearing them. Febreeze, Lysol, Alcohol wipes, baby wipes or a cloth. If you buy tennis or running shoes and decide to throw them in the wash add a little vinegar to the wash cycle. This helps remove odor.

7. General rule of them “check the brand”. The better the brand of shoe the longer it will tend to last you. Leather shoes and boots tend to last a bit longer than the man-made uppers.

8. Lastly, If the shoes hurt or feel too small in the store you will most likely be in even more pain after an 8 hour work day. Leave them in the store and keep it moving.

Below is some of my shoe collection. Most of what you see here has been acquired through swaps and Goodwill shopping. The selection process is tedious and time-consuming but worth it when I find shoes barely worn for $4-10 that would have normally cost be minimum of $50-80 in the store.

In July I will be attending a Show Swap in Silver Spring, MD. I will post information in the coming weeks.

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