One student making great strides refashioning & restyling

A couple weeks ago Silver Spring Sewing Sisters had our first in a series of Refashioning & Restyling Classes. As part of that class everyone was asked to bring in an item that could use some reworking. Each one of the students who completes their project will be featured here on my blog. Today, Lily is being featured for refashioning this fabulous little colorful number. Below you will see where we turned the dress inside out and we are attempting to take off about an inch and a half from each side. Not to mention it needs a hem and some darts. With determination and perseverance along with adding her own touch of style Lily has finished a great dress she can add to her wardrobe. And I must add she looks great!! YAY Lily!!! Great Job!!! We are so proud of you. You are now officially the new poster child for Silver Spring Sewing Sisters Refashioning & Restyling


4 thoughts on “One student making great strides refashioning & restyling

  1. I just love it! I had been too scared to re-fashion because I felt like I needed to work more on my general sewing skills. So I have been using patterns to make easy projects from scratch-thanks to the lovely fabric I received from you.

    • Kanisa you just gotta step out there and do it. No fear girl. Get that seam ripper tomorrow and take those sleeves out first thing. Don’t worry about the belt or anything else. Start with the sleeves and bring it to class sunday (only if the sleeves have been removed) 🙂

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