A busy day in search of the best bargains

This weekend marks the last weekend of Jen’s Thrift & Consignment Store Tour. I crammed in so many stores today I couldn’t keep track. Can’t wait to post the reviews. While finishing up on the tour I also stopped by two Estate Sales which ended up being a partial waste. The first one was in Rockville. I didn’t even take any pictures. The house was creepy, the grass wasn’t cut, they didn’t open on time and it was dark and dreary looking inside. Needless to say I skipped that one. Then on to Herndon. VA. Yeah, way on the other side of the world. Had I know it was out near Dulles Airport I probably would have skipped it. As I looked around the woman really didn’t have much worthwhile. I mainly went to check out the clothing, of which she had one box of totally outdated 1990’s mommy clothing.  I moved on to the other items. She had lots of marionettes, plenty of her artwork to go around and tons of paint brushes and easels. She was selling art work anywhere from $75 to $2000. Really?? The clientele that was coming through including myself were in no position to purchase from her at that cost. She mentioned she is under contract and cannot sell for any less especially if it is framed then its worth even more…..Well after hearing her story I was on my way out the door when I spotted a really nice ironing board for $5 (which normally retails for $50-75) and a Pyrex double boiler for $10 (which retails for $75). No chips or nicks. Mint condition. Yeah I walked away with a couple pretty good bargains afterall. YAY Me!!! Below are some pics from the Estate/Garage Sale.

Pyrex double boiler for $10


Ironing Board in great condition




I used to paint. For $10 these were a great deal


More easels. She is a good artist too


More knicknacks


One of several marionettes


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