A couple of recent vintage purchases….

So lately I’ve gone bananas over cute vintage clothing. Not sure if it was my visits to a few vintage shops during my May tour or what. I’ve found some really creative ways to build vintage pieces into my wardrobe.  For example I’ve found some beautiful vintage butterfly pins to wear on my business suits. They always seems to spark a conversation. Or even a vintage Chas A Steven’s blouse with a Tahari suit really pops out.  For me it’s about adding items that you won’t see everyday.

I really stepped out there and probably paid a little more than I should have for a couple of items. But I don’t care. They look great and I’m so excited and want to share them with you. Besides I picked up a few other vintage pieces over the last few day that I know are worth way more than the pennies I paid. Therefore it all works itself out in the wash 🙂 right?

These two dresses I purchased last week and I can’t wait to spruce them up and wear them to work or a sorority function. After a get a few wears out of them I will probably sell them in my Etsy store or on Ebay:

Dress #1

This dress was made in the USA for Sears Roebuck & Co. sometime in the late 60’s early 70’s ($15.00). It’s 100% polyester and machine washable. It’s a heavy polyester so I won’t be wearing this anytime soon. I totally see myself wearing this in the fall. I might shorten it and wear it as a shirt with a black belt and slacks or as a dress with some black tights and knee-high boots with some funky jewelry. This dress will rock either way! Of course it could use a bit of altering and I might add a little something extra. This is why I love refashioning and restyling. Can’t wait to show you the final product.  😉 I’m majorly excited about sporting this retro look in the Fall.





Dress #2

This vintage Victor Costa Navy Blue Polka Dot Dress from the early 70’s is so me and so feminine ($30). It’s also %100 polyester. I just love it! I can’t think of anything I would change about it. I’m thinking either a white belt with navy patent leather shoes or a red belt with red patent leather shoes and matching purse. Either way it’s definitely making a statement. The bottom of the dress has a unique fullness and flair. The ruffles really hit home with me. I love ruffles and trying to do all I can to bring them back 🙂


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