Could you depart for a 5 day trip with only your undies in tow??

What a novel idea. I think I can do this. I’m departing for a 5 day trip to Los Angeles in a few weeks and I’m thinking about doing a little research on thrift and consignment stores in the area and taking this plunge. I bet I could find some great clothing out west.

Although I’m not really diggin her style I think she make a great point about going green and the concept of wearing nothing new. Since I’m spending the entire year not buying any new clothing this would truly ramp up my challenge. As long as I can locate a $1.98 drycleaners and a washer and dryer I believe I can be in business. I’m thinking of setting a limit. No more than $30 on a single outfit or something like that. I’ll think this through and give you an update when I make the final guidelines.

Question to my readers. Could you try this at home? Could you take one week and use only thrift and consignment stores for your clothing?

Jessie Arrington: Wearing nothing new

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