Another student making great strides Re-styling and Re-fashioning

Sew Frugal just loves to tout the successes of our Silver Spring Sewing Sisters. About a month ago we had our first in a series of Refashioning/Restyling classes where we discussed creative ideas for reinvigorating the wardrobe. All participants in the class brought in clothing that needed some sort of alteration or restyling.  Today we’re happy to feature the latest of our budding sewists. Heather started out with a very large over-sized dress resembling a muu-muu/house dress. Below you see our class examining the dress and huddled over it discussing various options.

Read what Heather says about her project:

The bright teal and bold tropical print of this house dress called to me from the racks of my local thrift store. When I picked up the piece, I was charmed to find that it was handmade. But the boxy cut and incongruity between the sleeve length and the summery print conspired to keep the dress in the back of my closet.That is, until I found the Sewing Sisters on Meetup and Jen’s guidance and  enthusiasm helped push this re construction from “manana” to ” oh, mama!”

I took the hem up nearly a foot, chopped the sleeves, dropped the neckline several inches and took in the sides to give shape to the body. There is some finishing work to be done along the new bodice line, but overall I am thrilled with the results. This project whet my appetite and I now have two more radical re-fashions in the works.  -Heather

Below you see her pictured wearing this dress before and after in our most recent sewing class. What a fabulous transformation.

Heather what an excellent job! We can’t wait to see more from you in the next series of classes. Thanks for sharing!!

If you would like to be a part of our next discussion on Refashioning, Restyling and Refreshing your wardrobe, join us for our June 19th class by clicking the link: Re-fashioning

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