My Vintage Pattern Fetish

My new-found love……

Recently I purchased some vintage patterns from “The Frumpy House” on I’ve always been interested in acquiring vintage patterns but never really committed to it. Now that the Silver Spring Sewing Sisters is working on refashioning and restyling clothing I figured it might be interesting to venture out and push the envelope a little on my current projects. It’s unfortunate that my great-grandmother who was a seamstress her entire life never saved all those patterns. Believe me, I have been digging around searching for any and everything vintage in what she left behind. I was fortunate enough to have her sewing machine and some supplies but that’s it. So now I’m turning my attention to patterns. I have kept every pattern I’ve purchased since I was nine years old. See a small portion of my stash below.

As a result of my pattern hoarding problem I have an over abundance of patterns. Some of them are duplicates and I plan to add them to my Etsy Store and share some with the class. Unfortunately I have not done the best job of caring for some of my patterns from the 80’s. Some are torn or were stuffed back into an envelope unfolded. It just makes me cringe to think about. Anyway it’s time to go back and make amends with my more vintage patterns. Anyone out there have ideas for preserving vintage patterns?


Above see my newly acquired vintage patterns that I am SEW excited about. There are a total of 10 patterns. After spending some time researching vintage patterns I realize there will be some that I may not want to use but rather preserve 🙂 I think I’m hooked


One thought on “My Vintage Pattern Fetish

  1. I saw an idea for preserving once but I haven’t been able to find a reference for you – but it was basically fusing them to, well, fusible. If I remember correctly, you buy the lightest weight fusible interfacing you can get your hands on, and just iron away, minus the steam so you don’t shrink the pattern paper.

    There’s also the idea of wallpapering your room in them, but that’s not exacting preserving them for use…………..

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