Re-fashioning, Re-styling and Re-freshing your Wardrobe Part ll

Hi everyone,

If you live in the Silver Spring, Wheaton, MD area please join us for Part ll of this series with Silver Spring Sewing Sisters. All sewing levels are welcomed to attend. Our students have made such great progress in one month with the items they brought in to the previous class. Now is the time to show them off and inspire others to do the same.

We all have clothing in our closets we are not wearing for one reason or another. Somethings should go to Goodwill and others stand a chance of being reinvigorated. This Meetup is designed to inspire ideas and discuss creative solutions to your wardrobe challenges. Everyone should plan to bring no more than 3 items that need alterations, re-fashioning or re-styling. We will discuss next steps and review some of the progress other students have made in the class. Please arrive early so that we can make the most of our time. Registration is still open and everyone in the meetup group is invited to attend. Just click the link below and join our class.

We hope everyone who attended the first class will return to show the progress they have made on their projects. Later today on my blog I will be featuring Heather’s latest project. You will want to check it out. She did a fabulous job. Lily completed her restyle as well. Check out her finished project out @ Lily’s project

Xtine, Cici, Kanisa, Telisa and Serena we want to see your finished projects on Sunday :-).

Do you have a skirt, jacket, dress or pair of pants in your closet that needs a hem or a button and needs to be fixed so that you can put it back into your wardrobe rotation? Do you have a dress or jacket where some parts you like and some you want to get rid of? Then this class is for you. Bring in a few items and we will figure out solutions. If you need to learn how to sew on a button or replace a hem in your pants or skirt bring it with you. If you have a jacket where the sleeves are too short or too long or a skirt you would like to shorten this is the class for you. If you would like to learn the best way to disassemble a garment we will show you how. We will learn quick and easy solutions as well as long-term fixes to various wardrobe malfunctions 🙂

Please bring matching thread, scissors, pins, a seam ripper and a sewing needle. Sewing Machine is optional

Happy Sewing!!!

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