My review: Plato’s Closet, Virginia

All in all I must have visited 20 stores last month. Incredible with my work and volunteer schedule for the month of May. I tried to squeeze in at least 2-3 stores a weekend which was pretty challenging. I finally wrapped up over Memorial Day weekend and even had a chance to revisit some of the locations.

Today I’m reviewing a Virginia thrift store. There will be a total of 4 reviews for VA stores which include Plato’s Closet, Goodwill in Herndon, Good Shepherd-Hopes Treasures and Mr. K’s Consignment which is actually in West Virginia.

We will get started with Plato’s Closet first. I visited the location at 45591 Dulles Eastern Plaza,  Sterling, VA 20166 703-421-8470

What a fun store. As soon as you walk in you feel as though you are walking into a Simply Fashions or Hit or Miss. Even though those these stores don’t typically have the highest quality clothing the decor is very colorful, energetic and inviting. Plato’s Closet resembles this atmosphere however the quality of clothing is far beyond that of any of those retailers. While shopping I found a Banana Republic 100% Silk Dress, Charles David sling-backs, DKNY blouse, a necklace and bracelet set all for under $30.

Plato’s closet makes me think of the fast food of consignment stores. You literally walk-in sign up and they take your clothing and process it within a short window of time, usually while you shop. There is staff assigned to do nothing except examine the clothing and I must say they really inspect every detail. A few sellers left unhappy but over all they appear to have a great operation and professionally run.

Below is how it works:

Step 1 Bring in your gently used brand name clothing and accessories.
Step 1 While you check out the latest styles in the store, the buyer will review your items.
Step 1 The buyer will create an offer based on style, condition, brand and the store’s current stock levels.
Step 1 Once you accept the offer, you’ll be on your way with some extra cash or a hot new outfit (or two)!

The proof of their quality control is in the pudding in the sales floor. They carry brands that are hip and trendy and have been in the stores within the last 18 months at 70% below mall prices. You can’t beat that. Somethings are a bit pricey but if you like higher end clothing and want to pay less this is the place for you.

Advertisements for Plato’s are geared mainly towards a younger crowd but I didn’t find too many teeny bopper items hanging on the racks. Instead I found clothes that I would likely wear on the weekends and many pieces I could incorporate into my daily work wardrobe. So I would say to all the stylish ladies in their late 30’s don’t rule out Plato’s for your thrifty shopping needs. Lastly, if you are interested in owning your own store you can get information on franchise opportunities. Impressive! Overall I enjoyed my visit immensely. The absolute best part of my time spent in the store was of course the little sandy brown poodle who was greeting customers and running behind her owner. I will definitely make another visit.

My thrift score: 3 stars 🙂


Plenty of accessories

Casual shoes

Tons of handbags

Organized and separated by size

Cute shoes – Famous name brands

They even sell previously viewed DVD’s

Always accepting clothing

They even have a cute little puppy who meets and greets the customers

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes......

Jeans galore

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