My Review: Wagging Tails, Rockville MD

Vacation is over, sad to say and jet lag is still lingering around. *yawn* Nonetheless I must catch up on my reviews of local thrift stores in the DMV.

Wagging Tails is a store I was so excited to finally visit. I’d first heard about the store when I attended Sip & Sew at DC Threads. I began making my list of locations to visit from the stores mentioned during this event. When I learned this store benefits the Montgomery County Humane Society I was sold. Clothing and puppies! Does it get any better than that?

The first item I saw when I walked in the door was a vintage Singer Sewing Machine. This store must be after my heart. Luckily I own two of these machines and I didn’t take this one home although I was slightly tempted to add it to my collection :-). I inspected it anyway and found the price to be quite reasonable and in better shape than the two I own.


Antique Singer sewing machine. In better condition than the one I own

The day I stopped by Wagging Tails there was a sale in progress. All dresses were 50% off!! What a great deal. Also the woman in front of me in line as I was about to check out had an extra coupon she was willing to pass on for 50% off any item. Was this my lucky day or what?

I began in the dress section and on to the tops, blouses and suits. Pretty soon I was knocked off track by all the other goodies in the housewares department. I found vintage cookware, corning ware, suitcases and various other luggage pieces. There was so much to be seen in this wide open space. As I moseyed through the rest of the store I stumbled across some of my favorite things: Fabric, Butterflies and rocking chairs!

Imagine that bolts of fabric. I didn’t take the fabric with me but its good to know Wagging Tails is an option I can check back with periodically.

The staff was very helpful and customer friendly. the prices were reasonable and the location was easy to find. I give this an overall score of 3 1/2 stars.

Having signs placed in clear view left out the guess work on the prices. How refreshing.

Entrance to the store


Plenty of furniture to chose from like this stylish futon


Vintage wedding dresses which I now regret not purchasing


Who knew you could thrift shop for your pet. Leashes, carriers etc


Three racks of shoes in a variety of sizes


Toys and goodies for the children


What?? Fabric?? you are kidding me! This made my shopping experience complete


Two cases of jewelry to choose from

After I checked out spending a mere $25 on two dresses, corning ware, jewelry, a skirt and a blouse I made sure to sign up on the mailing list for special offers and coupons via email. When you have time be sure to stop by this store and pay them a visit. Hey you might even leave with a puppy.

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