Class Field Trip: Thrift shopping@ Goodwill Rockville, MD

This evening Silver Spring Sewing Sisters took a field trip to Goodwill Retail Store in Rockville, MD. This was Meetup #3 in a series of 4 Meetups to help maintain the momentum for “Refashioning and Restyling”.

Our class after a great shopping experience

This week we were focused on finding at least one item that we could use for our next refashioning class at the end of the month. In our next “Restyling/Refashioning” class we will learn how to properly deconstruct a garment. This process takes time and patience. While shopping at Goodwill this evening each student found one item they will bring in for refashioning. In addition many of them picked up some additional items to enhance their wardrobe.

Hadiya's shopping cart

For some like Hadiyah and Heather who were old hats at thrift store shopping this was an easy shopping experience but for others it took a little while to get started. In the end each of us walked away with bags full of clothes that we could either wear outright or use for a refashioning project. We left behind one student, Theresa who couldn’t get enough of thrifting. can’t wait to see her great finds.

Around 8:30pm we decided to depart especially after we were told no more photos and the manager began getting suspicious. In fact he followed us outside when we took the group photo. That was odd. I guess an anxious excited group of thrifting women on a Thursday night is a little unheard of and they were all wondering what was the fuss about.  Don’t they know??? Anyway all in all a good experience and we will be back soon. So Goodwill Rockville be ready for the return of Silver Spring Sewing Sisters!!! We are on a mission to find an restyle great clothes!

Kafi deciding whether or not this will become her refashioning project
A vintage find by Hadiya
Always check labels, especially on vintage finds
Heather figured out a way to cover up a flaw in this organza overlay skirt
Monique is planning to shorten and narrow this dress
Theresa tried on this dress and it was a perfect fit
What a super project Dina found to get started on
Kafi sees these as having some potential
She found some great items this evening
Oscar de la Renta silk blouse
Kanisa is new at this but she walked away with some fantastic finds
Kanisa's next refashioning project. I think this will be #4

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