Thrift store shopping on Vacay = FUN!!!

Essentially I spent the majority of my vacation exploring the wonderful thrift stores in the LA, Venice Beach and Santa Monica area. When I tell you it has been a blast I mean it. What a wonderfully refreshing experience to visit thrift stores on the West Coast. Southern Cali people give away expensive clothes in very good condition and the thrift stores sell for cheap. You just have to know where to go and do your research.

There is one place in particular I would like to highlight called Out of the Closet. With their bright fuchsia shopping backs with bold electric blue letters they truly have some of the best prices in town. Out of the Closet has several locations in Northern and Southern California and when I tell you this is an awesome thrift store, this place is a must visit if you ever travel to LA. Warning, bring an extra suitcase.  I came with a half empty suitcase and still had to ship two boxes back home!

Their chain of stores benefits people with HIV and AIDS. Besides being a great thrift store they have a mission and a purpose.

I visited 8 thrift stores including a couple Goodwill stores and this one made the top of my list for deals and great finds. In fact I went there twice and visited multiple locations! When I visited on Friday they had a $1 rack (orange), a 1/2 off rack (blue) and a 30% off rack (green). On Sunday morning when I returned that had all that changed. What was 50% off became a $1, what was 30% off became 50% and a new color became 30% off for the entire next week. Whoooohooo!!! Yeah you could say I lost it.

I found everything thing from Vintage clothing to coats, jewelry,  jeans, BCBG and Tahari dresses. Everything I purchased was in the single digits. Only once did I buy something in the double digits and that was because I just couldn’t resist. I will blog about this item when I return home.

Below are a few pics of some great items I picked up at Out of the Closet


Jones of NY linen dress, fully lined


Vintage fall dress from the 1970's


Vintage handmade dress, 100% polyester


Vintage sleeveless dress

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