Vacation Thrift Store Shopping: NCJW Thrift Store in LA

Council Thrift Store in Los Angeles definitely made #2 on my list of great thrift stores in LA. Prices were fairly reasonable and the selections were fabulous. The store was clean and things were organized very neatly on the racks and shelves.

All in all there are 6 NCJW thrift  locations in LA and 3 in the San Fernando Valley. Taken directly from their website the National Council of Jewish Women …….. provides support that uniquely addresses the whole person: from the warmth of a piece of clothing … to the emotional comfort of group counseling, from the security of our confidential Talkline … to the refuge of a newly refurbished library, from the real-world practicality of life skills training … to the opening of a world of possibilities though art and literacy programs – NCJW/LA is there to serve and advocate for those who are at risk and in need.

I just love to hear the mission and purpose behind many of these organizations. It’s always good to know that those in need are benefiting at the along with helping the environment and your wallet at the same time.

My visit to Council Thrift Store was fantastic! Although I paid in the double digits for a two items they were well worth it. I  took note as soon as I walked in the door that prices were a little steep. I soon realized the “designer/boutique” rack was right there as soon as you walk in. There was a vintage dress for $65 (seen below) and I almost  turned around and left. I’m really glad I didn’t. Just wish I had more time to peruse this fabulous store.

At Council Thrift store you can find everything from designer clothing to home furnishings reasonably priced. They also carry a good deal of designer purses and bags. I will definitely return to this store on my next visit to LA. In fact I’m thinking about corralling some of my thrifting buddies and planning a weekend trip of thrifting on the southern cali area. Anyone game?

Racks and racks of brand name clothing

$65 vintage dress - Can't remember who is the designer

Home goods and all sorts of knickknacks


Standard prices: $6 skirts $7pants $6 blouses $10 suit jackets

Men's and women's shoes - 3 racks

Silk pleated skirt with unusual folds at the bottom. This photo doesn't do it any justice


paid $30 for this orange Bebe leather jacket


Paid $30 for this embroidered jacket from India

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