A fabulous find

Readers, I just had to share this with you. Last week I wrote about the ultimate bliss I experienced while on vacation visiting a popular LA thrift store, “Out of the Closet”.  While visiting one of their locations in Fairfax I ran across this beautiful find. This is a floor length dress by Alfred Shaheen, the master printer.  Alfred Shaheen was a Hawaiian manufacturer who got moving in his career just after WW2. Shaheen built a textile printing, garment manufacturing and retail company in Hawaii during pre statehood. Quite an achievement considering all that was going on during that time. Mr. Shaheen has created some amazing Hawaiian sundresses, sarongs and shirts. Shaheen was the only Hawaiian manufacture to print his own fabrics.  If you google him you will find more of his background and beautiful designs.

What amazed me about this dress is that it looks exactly like one of my own designs. The solid cummerbund, extended angular sleeves and longer length is so me. Even the print of the fabric is just what I would have picked out in the store. I wanted to share this because the dress only ended up costing me a whopping $8. What a fabulous find! I can’t wait to wear it to a swanky event.

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