The Refashioned Dress for a Friend

This dress is worth a second blog post just so that you can see the final product. Chris came to try the dress on last night and she loved it. YAY!! It fits perfectly and she had the best accessories to go with it.  The purse, shoes and dress are all from It’s Vintage Darling. Take a look……



Published by Jenna M

Sew Frugal & Fashionable and The Urban Sewing Society is all about helping you building a fashionable wardrobe through sewing, refashioning vintage and thrifting. We offer vintage and ready made pop up shops which feature carefully selected clothing and accessories to help you achieve that one of a kind look. We have sewing classes to help you unleash your creativity and style. Follow us on Instagram @SewFrugal and @TheUrbanSewingSociety

3 thoughts on “The Refashioned Dress for a Friend

  1. So cute! I wasn’t sure about the collar, but seeing it on Chris changed my mind. The color looks fabulous on her and the length is perfect. Well done!

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