No Project Runway, However we Sewists enjoyed ourselves anyway

Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. Last night Silver Spring Sewing Sisters met for our Final Refashioning & Restyling Meetup at Eggspectation in Silver Spring. After sharing a few ideas on refashioning and discussing our upcoming meetups we ordered dinner and began anxiously awaiting the start of Project Runway. Heather showed us a house dress she refashioned and Dina brought an item from our Goodwill adventures she is planning to turn into a jacket. Kanisa has two items we will help her to quickly wrap up before the season ends and one of them is coming along beautifully. At about 8:50pm one of us got up from the table to turn on the television. Low and behold what pops up on the screen? Nothing….. NO SIGNAL. Hmmmm.

The TV that couldn't

Have you ever seen a bunch of angry, impatient sewist? Well, there were six of them last night for about 30 minutes as we agonized over the fact  we were missing all of episode 4 of Project Runway. First the waiter, God bless his soul, tried diligently to get it to work and even shared with me afterward. “I have watched PR and I know how great the show is”. Gee thanks! Now I’m even more frustrated.  Bottom line, by 9:15 one of the managers came by to see us. And honestly he didn’t make things any better. The first words out of his mouth were, “TV not working huh?” Uh duh… its not and we are missing something very important. Then to top it off he asked us. “Since this is a room of women, I have a friend who has two kittens…….If any of you would be interested…….” You can only guess the conversation that flowed from there. Room of women, cats! Really??? Kanisa gave him a piece of her mind and he had to apologize. I tell ya Eggspectation was batting 1000 last night. The conclusion was that the remote wasn’t working and something was wrong with the connection. I wanted to tell the manager “Women like cats and guys should be able to fix TV’s. whats your problem” But I refrained from my snarky remarks.

In the end they waived our room fee, offered us all free dessert and promised we could return for another meeting minus the room fee. Ideally we would like to come back for the finale of PR. Could you imagine going back there and the TV doesn’t work again??? That would be horrible. I guess I should stop by the day before just to make sure the cable is hooked up correctly and there is a picture on the screen.

Heather removed the front panel of the dress and is wearing it in reverse

The back of Heather's refashioned dress

All in all we had great conversation and many laughs last night. The ladies in this sewing group are great sewing enthusiast and have wonderful ideas. I look forward to many more fun meetups with these gals.

The ladies were still all smiles despite no PR

Sewist are such nice people

Well at least we had cake

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