Real time blogging from Mighty Aphrodite: Modern Peep Show

It’s was Saturday night and I was at the Wonderbox attending the Modern Aphrodite “Modern Peep Show”. My attempt to blog in real time was thwarted by the constant events that were taking place throughout the evening. Featured designers were Redeem, Tari, and our friends over at It’s Vintage Darling. What a mucho fabulous show this promised to be. Whats unique about this show is that all the prep for this is being done in the open. All live. All for the audience to see.

The temperature inside the Wonderbox was about 90 degrees! Imagine getting hair flat ironed and make up done with that kind of heat. Guests were at the bar getting drinks and a chef was on site providing onlookers with a food demonstration. Peach Crustaceans How cool is that? Some folks were lounging on couches deep in conversation and others were admiring the artwork on the walls.

The music was pumping from a female DJ and we were are all standing around in the blazing heat wondering where the show would take place. Eventually a guy came through with a huge industrial size fan to cool us off. Although this was much appreciated everyone began to migrate towards the fan thus blocking any degree of relief others might have been able to obtain.

As you can see we were in a warehouse located on 76 Hanover street NW DC. Who knew this place even existed? Well I did a little research. This place used to be a gift factory was turned it into a gallery space. Inside this warehouse is a bar, lounge area with couches and in the second room there is a huge scaffolding structure in place. See pics below. I assumed the models would utilized the space surrounding the scaffold to model the clothing but they did way more than that.

As the show was about to begin a woman in a black patent leather corset climbed up the ladder. Hmmmm wonder what this is about. Low and behold she was a fire eater!!! Call me sheltered but I’ve never seen a fire eater up close a personal.

After that exciting demonstration of fearlessness the fashion show began. As the models walked out in their fabulous attire the crowd was screaming with excitement. Then each model climbed the side of the scaffold up on to the landing where they proceeded to pose and model the clothing. Ever seen ladies in 5 inch platforms climbing a scaffold? It is an amazing feat. The guys were in jeans, hoodies and back packs carrying all that up the side of the scaffold. Truly a spectacle as everyone was holding their breath when one of the models almost slipped. Whew, she caught her balance….. Overall the show was well worth the wait. In the end they served cupcakes and celebrated. We couldn’t wait to get outside and get some air. The show was good and I’m excited about other fashion events coming up around town and will provide you with the 411 as they approach. Enjoy the photos

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