Recap: Let’s Make pants with SSSS

On Sunday Silver Spring Sewing Sisters met for our first pants making class. We had 11 very excited and energetic  ladies show up for the class.  The pattern for the class was Butterick 5044. Very simple and easy however still allows the student to learn basic sewing techniques. We got started with a simple overview of the guidesheet, pattern envelope and pattern pieces. The students began with cutting out their paper patterns then their fabric. Most moved quickly into sewing and in the end a few of them used the serger to finish off the hem line and the waistband. One student Betty G cut out two pairs of pants. Super Star Student Xtine completed her pajama pants and modeled for the class. Heather created a pair of shorts from a bed sheet! What a way to refashion. Cathy and Sara made capris. Renee and her daughter learned how to thread their sewing machines and got a jump start on their pants. Kanisa thought this project would be challenging but soon realized it was simple and quick. Harriet worked on her pants diligently with perfection in mind. Telisa worked on an unfinished project. This is one way to eliminate backlog and stay motivated. April was so kind as to allow me to use her Kenmore sewing machine which runs beautifully. Thanks April 🙂 This class was so much fun and we can’t wait to do it again. Won’t you join us next time?

Silver Spring Sewing Sisters!

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