Recapping: DC Fashion & Beauty Blogger Meetup

Last night was my first DC FABB Meetup and it was a blast. What great ladies, fashionistas, bloggers and stylists. I had a wonderful time meeting everyone and I’m really looking forward to the next one. This months DC FABB meetup was held at Violet Boutique in Adams Morgan located at 2439 18th Street, NW. I’ve missed seeing this store on my many visits to the falafel shop on the corner. Perhaps I have been so hungry and focused on food to pay attention to any other stores in the area. Well I doubt that will happen again. I will make it my business to stop by when I’m in the neighborhood.

What a great little store in Adams Morgan. It's a shame I have been walking past it at least once a month.

I arrived a little early and attendees trickled in one by one and were greeted by Liz the organizer and a few staff of Violet Boutique.  More ladies arrived in groups of twos until there was a steady flow and the crowd gradually began to build up. After about 30 minutes the place was swarming with ladies snapping pictures and looking through the racks of awesome clothing and greeting one another like old friends.  Not only was the clothing and the Violet Boutique really fabulous I don’t believe there were any items priced more than $60 bucks!!! Imagine that!!

the store was packed with fashion bloggers

As a seamstress I’m always checking for quality. I check out the fabrics, the seams, the linings etc. I saw nothing by well made clothing priced to get your attention. A trendy store with what clearly is well made, contemporary clothing that won’t break the bank. You could shop here every week and remain in style on a budget. All you shopaholics make a b-line to the Violet Boutique.

The color scheme at Violet Boutique really makes the oranges and yellows pop

As most of you know I am currently on a clothing diet. I’m not buying any new clothing until 2012. Not even shoes or accessories. As you can imagine visiting the Violet Boutique for two hours was uber PAINFUL to say the least. I took pictures of all the items I hope to someday come back and purchase. However according to the owner Julie Egermayer the inventory moves pretty quickly and it seems that possibility is very slim 😦

Handbag alert! Yes bags are on my list. This one was hard to resist. Blue is my favorite color and I could see this on my arm at an upcoming event.

Earrings, Bracelets and Necklaces all priced between $5-15

A wide array of colors and styles. Long and short. Sheer and flowing. From mini skirts to jeans to shorts.

Beautiful blouse/dress with pleated bell sleeves I was admiring. It was also on the mannequin in the window with a turquoise belt. Loving this look

I had the pleasure of putting faces with tweets during this meetup. Many of the fashion bloggers I’ve been following on twitter were in attendance. Check them out.

 Me and Kaarin of True to Style. Kaarin is a personal stylist and swapping friend of mine. Yes she is in fact wearing a dress from the Violet Boutique. By no means should you miss Kaarin’s shoes. They are fabulous!

Kaarin's really cute shoes. I just had to snap a pic

 Here is Katie Petix chatting with another fashionista. Katie’s blog is Today I want


 Above: On the left is Tamika from House of Kas In the middle is UjjiB from Styles  by UjjiB and on the right is Dana of The Diary of Franky J

Me and Hallie from Skynear Designs

Hallie from Skynear Designs

Hallie from Skynear Designs sitting on a couch from her store. Skynear Designs is located just down the street from the Violet Boutique in Adams Morgan

Liz (Organizer) Julie (Store Owner) and Me

See everyone next month!

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