Frugal Sunday Shopping Trip

A good shopping trip is fully warranted after spending an entire Saturday cooped up in the house sheltering from Hurricane Irene. My version of going shopping is very different from most others. It’s not defined by Macy’s, Neiman’s, Target or anything associated with the “Mall”. My idea of shopping is defined by browsing through thrift stores, consignment stores, estate sales and garage sales. I’m always in search of a deal.

On Sunday my friend Chris and I had some pretty exciting shopping experiences. We headed over to Columbia Heights deciding we didn’t want to deal with downed power lines and trees that we might run into if we went to the last day of an estate sale in Arlington. We decided to stop by one of our favorite consignment shops and one of our favorite Vintage stores in Columbia Heights. Sunday marked the last day of the 75% off sale off or Fill a bag for $50 at It’s Vintage Darling. This was my second trip. When I stopped by the store on Thursday I filled up a bag with four dresses, two pairs of shoes, three purses, two hats and lots of jewelry. Two of the dresses are refashioning projects and two others I passed on to my friend Chris. When she came by Sunday morning to see he goodies she was anxious to make a run herself.

At It’s Vintage Darling Chris purchased her own bag of vintage goodies. I found these pair of Betsy Johnson fuchsia bejeweled satin heels and threw them in the bag. Of course Chris had to talk me into buying them because I’m not a fan of fuchsia. She said “Jen those are hot!” After I put them on I thought hmmm….these have some potential. I will have to combine them with something really fabulous.

Betsy Johnson Satin heels in mint condition

Me holding our bag o vintage goodies from It

After departing from It’s Vintage Darling we headed down to Black Eyed Susie for more frugal shopping and some “girl talk” with Susie Saadian. While down there hanging out with Susie I found a great navy blue dress by Moda for $12 and Chris spotted a beautiful Tiffany necklace in the showcase. $60 Bucks was the price however due to the storm Susie was offering 25% off and she got it for $47. What a deal!!! This necklace retails for $400!!! We were blown away. It doesn’t get any frugal than this.

All in all we spent about $120 between the two of us for over $1500 worth of clothing jewelry and purses.

Tiffany Necklace from Black Eyed Susie. Retails at $400

Chris holding our bags from Black Eyed Susie and It

Chris and I have concluded, many folks out there are sleeping on the great boutiques and shops in the Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights area. There is such a rich variety of clothing, accessories and other unique fashionable items to be found. Wake up DC, Wake up! If you continue to sleep on these fabulous shops that simply means more for me :-). I’m thankful to folks like DC FABB and other fashion bloggers who are bringing these stores to light.

Have you been shopping in these areas? Have you found some great deals? Please share.

One thought on “Frugal Sunday Shopping Trip

  1. I am so excited that I have found someone that thinks like me and like to shop in thrift, consignment, estate etc… sales. It is very hard to find someone with the same interests in common. I just happened upon your site and am so glad i did. I would be very interested in some if not all of your upcoming events, including the sewing classes.

    Please post all to my email.

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