What I’m bringing to Swap Til You drop Part deux

I struck a deal with myself when I began “the 365 day challenge”. I said self, for every item of clothing picked up at a thrift store or a swap, you must donate or swap out an item from your current wardrobe……….Well let’s just say I didn’t really keep up my end of the bargain with myself and now I’m bursting at the seams with two rolling racks of clothing.

Although everything is organized by category I could afford to purge a few items

I have a bag of clothes already started in the trunk of my car so I thought I would put a little pressure on myself to pull at least 10 items from my closet this evening to add to the growing bag. Surprisingly enough I was able to pull 16 pieces of clothes and shoes. By the time Saturday evening rolls around I hope to have at least 40-50 items to bring to the swap. Buy the way. I’m not participating in the swap 🙂 ok ok, unless I see a really spectacular pair of shoes or a purse I must have.

Below are a few of my items:

#1 size 6 sheer plaid skirt. Its cute on, Its been worn once
#2 Size small tie die pleated skirt by Zara. Too short for my taste. Good quality fabric though
#3 fully lined wool pants size 6. Nice, I just don't like the fit
#4 Limited size 8 Cassidy fit pants. Too short. I like to wear at least 3 inch heels
#5 wool skirt size 4 - too tight in the waist but I really like it
#6 Size 6 gray pants with front pockets. Too tight across the hips but cute style
#7 Tag says size 12 but its more like an 8. Jennifer Beale Design Jacket. I liked it in the store. Not so much when I got it home.
#8 Black Boots Size 7 Nine West - I own two pair
#9 Size 6 1/2 Anne Klein beige Sling Backs - I've two pair of these too
#10 Euro size 37 Dana Stein espadrilles. Worn once
#11 Franco Sarto Sandals Size 6 1/2. Just decided I should put theses babies to rest. Didn't wear them at all this summer


#12 Size 7 (run large) Nine West white leather pumps. Haven't worn in 3 years
#13 size 6 Etienne Aigner lime green linen wedges. These hurt like all get out 😦 I can't stand it any longer
#14 Size 5/6 sleeveless sheer scoop neck blouse by Express. Never worn
#15 Size 8 shirt by Metro Style, ruffled front. wore with a suit once. Don't want it any more.
#16 Size M, INC Black & White shirt. Its been hanging for months. Just decided I didn't like it afterall.

I will post more items tomorrow…..sundresses, shoes, purses, jewelry boxes and more……

Published by Jenna M

Sew Frugal & Fashionable and The Urban Sewing Society is all about helping you building a fashionable wardrobe through sewing, refashioning vintage and thrifting. We offer vintage and ready made pop up shops which feature carefully selected clothing and accessories to help you achieve that one of a kind look. We have sewing classes to help you unleash your creativity and style. Follow us on Instagram @SewFrugal and @TheUrbanSewingSociety

2 thoughts on “What I’m bringing to Swap Til You drop Part deux

  1. I think i got your Limited pants, above. The swap was great! I’ll be contacting you about your help in building my wardrobe. Love your 365 day challenge!

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