What I’m bringing to Swap Til You drop Part deux

I struck a deal with myself when I began “the 365 day challenge”. I said self, for every item of clothing picked up at a thrift store or a swap, you must donate or swap out an item from your current wardrobe……….Well let’s just say I didn’t really keep up my end of the bargain with myself and now I’m bursting at the seams with two rolling racks of clothing.


Although everything is organized by category I could afford to purge a few items

I have a bag of clothes already started in the trunk of my car so I thought I would put a little pressure on myself to pull at least 10 items from my closet this evening to add to the growing bag. Surprisingly enough I was able to pull 16 pieces of clothes and shoes. By the time Saturday evening rolls around I hope to have at least 40-50 items to bring to the swap. Buy the way. I’m not participating in the swap 🙂 ok ok, unless I see a really spectacular pair of shoes or a purse I must have.

Below are a few of my items:


#1 size 6 sheer plaid skirt. Its cute on, Its been worn once


#2 Size small tie die pleated skirt by Zara. Too short for my taste. Good quality fabric though


#3 fully lined wool pants size 6. Nice, I just don't like the fit


#4 Limited size 8 Cassidy fit pants. Too short. I like to wear at least 3 inch heels


#5 wool skirt size 4 - too tight in the waist but I really like it


#6 Size 6 gray pants with front pockets. Too tight across the hips but cute style


#7 Tag says size 12 but its more like an 8. Jennifer Beale Design Jacket. I liked it in the store. Not so much when I got it home.


#8 Black Boots Size 7 Nine West - I own two pair


#9 Size 6 1/2 Anne Klein beige Sling Backs - I've two pair of these too


#10 Euro size 37 Dana Stein espadrilles. Worn once


#11 Franco Sarto Sandals Size 6 1/2. Just decided I should put theses babies to rest. Didn't wear them at all this summer



#12 Size 7 (run large) Nine West white leather pumps. Haven't worn in 3 years


#13 size 6 Etienne Aigner lime green linen wedges. These hurt like all get out 😦 I can't stand it any longer


#14 Size 5/6 sleeveless sheer scoop neck blouse by Express. Never worn


#15 Size 8 shirt by Metro Style, ruffled front. wore with a suit once. Don't want it any more.


#16 Size M, INC Black & White shirt. Its been hanging for months. Just decided I didn't like it afterall.

I will post more items tomorrow…..sundresses, shoes, purses, jewelry boxes and more……

2 thoughts on “What I’m bringing to Swap Til You drop Part deux

  1. I think i got your Limited pants, above. The swap was great! I’ll be contacting you about your help in building my wardrobe. Love your 365 day challenge!

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