Adding more stuff to my bags for the swap…..

Doing my best to unload as much as I can this weekend at the swap. Remembering clothing swaps are only as good as the stuff you bring to them. I washed a couple loads of clothes and threw a few unwanted items in the wash so that they are clean for the swap.

Digging around today, and I’m not done yet, I found another pair of boots, more shoes I’m no longer wearing, a sweater and two suits. Tomorrow I’m going to look through all the sweaters I stored under my bed and look through my jeans, skirts and blouses.


So far so good. Three bags of clothes and shoes

Take a peek into what’s in my swap bag. Perhaps you can grab some of these items at the swap.


Straw butterfly handbag. I love butterflies but we must part ways


Little straw handbag I picked up at a swap earlier this summer. Never used it


Mizrahi Satin ankle straps, size 6 1/2 in excellent condition


3 inch denim patchwork boots. worn one time. Too high for my taste, but cute


Red patent leather flats. great for walking. Wore them once


Michael Antonio sandals size 6 1/2


Allyson Taylor crinkle blouse Size M


2 piece Benetton wool suit, Size 4


2 piece business suit black, size 8


Brown tweed pants - H&M Size 8, NOT! more like a 6 or a 4


Size 10 pleated skirt with tags still on


Size 8 linen pants from the Gap, brand new never worn


Brown sweater still on the fence about. Size M, H&M


All participants in the swap received a free bag to swap with compliments of the Swapaholics

More pieces will be added tomorrow and Friday……

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