Quick recap and scores from The District Sample sale

Great! The one word that describes The 2011 District Sample Sale.

When you read my next blog post you will understand why I’m beating myself up over my actions this evening. Reluctantly I attended the District Sample Sale today. My friend Chris (Red Girl in DC) purchased for me a VIP ticket.  Bless her soul.  She did this even though she is fully aware of my 365 Clothing challenge. One word “friends :-)”  That being said I had a great time at the District Sample sale.

We waited in line for about 10 minutes before they began allowing the VIP ticket holders enter in groups of 20. We squeezed into the elevator and the shoppers burst out of the elevator doors heading to the vendors on a mission.

Once inside the women became focused and determined to find the best deals. The music was pumping and everyone seemed excited and happy to be a part of this event. Endorphin’s were clearly being released this evening. I must admit I was not finding anything at first. I went from table to table and everything was too short, too summer-y or too dang expensive. I said to myself, really, where are the bargains? In the meantime my friends Chris and Lily are grabbing items for $100 saying “can you believe this is only $100 dollars?” I respond, “And you call that a deal??” You gotta be kidding me. I guess not buying new clothes has taken me beyond frugal to somewhat cheap. It took me an hour before I purchased a suit you will see below. I was determined not to spend a dime until something really jumped out at me and called my name. Which it did, I’m happy to say.

While shopping I feasted on some humus, pita chips, salmon and sprite. Later I had gelato and pink berry yogurt.

After picking up a fabulous suit I went back for more humus and salmon. I’m convinced there was some sort of purchasing potion in the food because right after I finished I found a dress that jumped out at me.

As fast as the doors were opened the shoppers made there way to shoes and accessories in abundance

These ladies are serious and focused

Attendees quickly identified items they wanted and grabbed them right away

Chris immediately went to get styled in a wrap dress by the ladies at Shop Imagine

Totally cute!

There were beauty stations to get your make up and hair done

Yummy food. Humus, Spinach and mushroom empanadas, pita chips, salmon and much more

Female DJ on the 1

Georgetown Cupcakes on the scene

More food. What a great spread

This dress goes on my wish list. Self control was in effect this evening

You need not look any further for handbags and shoes. There were plenty and many were 1/2 off

RedGirlinDC, Sew Frugal and Lily Strike a pose for the camera

Great Swag Bag goodies: Smartwater, Gilt City shopping bag, Naughty cosmetics Pop Chips (my favorite), Sebastian hairspray and styling treatment, Stila lip gloss, Vita Coco coconut water, Cartier perfume, Avines Hair shampoo and condition along with loads of coupons

In the end I walked away with three great pieces and three great deals.

Found this dress on the way out the for only $39

Knit Dress from Julia Farr

My favorite $75 for the dress and Jacket

Now on to my self-inflicted punishment. Jen is not to purchase any clothing or shoes, new or used until the end of the year. There I said it. Hold me to it readers. 95 days and counting……..


By the way these Oscar dela Renta shoes were HAUTE!!!

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