95 more days left for my challenge

Today marks 270 days down towards my goal of going 365 days without buying any new clothes, shoes or accessories. I’m here to report, so far so good considering many temptations along the way. I am able to tout the fact I’ve successfully not purchased any new shoes. Major accomplishment. I have acquired at least 20 pairs of new shoes and boots through swaps and about 3 pairs from Goodwill and other thrift stores. I’ve purchased only hosiery and other unmentionables since the first of the year. Overall I would give myself a B-This challenge is not as easy as it sounds.

Here is where I have slipped up since January 1st:

#1 Some of you are aware a couple of months back I refashioned a dress from the mid-eighties and I desperately needed some jewelry. I went to goodwill and several other consignment shops and couldn’t find what I was looking for. Charming Charlie has exactly what I needed. If it means anything I purchased the necklace, bracelet and earrings off the clearance rack for 50% off. Totaling $20

#2  I purchased a really cute off the shoulder blouse from Violet Boutique a really nice spot located in Adams Morgan while at the DCFABB event last month. How dare they plan a meetup in such a swanky trendy boutique! I should have left early. I tried everything not to buy it but it was calling my name. I couldn’t resist. The blouse was $24. You can’t beat that.

(I havent worn it yet so I don’t have a photo)

#3  I recently traveled to Los Angeles and stopped by Melrose Ave. Now this in and of itself is a no no. Shame on me for tempting myself. If any of you readers know about Melrose Ave in Los Angeles you know that this is a hot spot for unique clothing priced well below many expensive boutiques. Therefore I couldn’t leave without purchasing something 😦 I bought a sweater, blouse and a belt. In fact its the feather belt I was wearing during the All Access Fashion show at Tysons Corner.


#4  Was DC Fashion Week…… Ok clearly I’m losing it in the home stretch. Last night when I attended the DC Fashion Week Finale at the French embassy I found the most beautiful Fuchsia Blouse and long to the floor sea-foam dress with a satin sash. I didn’t spend over $50 combined. So even though I shopped and bought “new” I found real bargains.


#5 Last night at The District Sample Sale…….My blog post says it all. I completely tanked my challenge last night by purchasing 3 pieces.

So what does Jen do now that she has been bitten several times by the shopping bug? She puts herself on a self-inflicted punishment. No shopping for 90 Days. No thrifting, no consignment shops, no vendors at events. Oh no, NOVA Fashion Week is next month. Self control must be in full effect. I can do this 🙂  Wish me luck readers.

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