Original Sewing & Quilt Expo Day two

On Thursday evening I was so anxious to leave work and head to Chantilly. I was scheduled to take June Colburn’s class “Stash Make-Over”. I figured this would a great class to take considering I have a lot of “stash” and not sure what to do with it.20111002-213320.jpg

June started off the class showing us how she has dyed some natural fabrics and used a stencil to create interesting patterns and designs by hand. Below you will see her samples. All samples were produced on cotton, silk or some other natural fiber. She explained that these fabrics accept the paint better than synthetic fibers.







Most of what she had achieved through this dyeing and stenciling process was using the heat of an iron and a dryer. I was impressed. I couldn’t wait to have an opportunity to try it out.

After showing us samples it was time to get to work. The class description included what we should bring to the class and of course I didn’t not bring any of them (bad student). We were to bring an old shirt or and apron along with some rubber gloves. One of the nice ladies at my table loaned me her gloves and I had a dry cleaner bag in the car I used for an apron. We seamstresses certainly know how to improvise 🙂

June supplied make up applicators, paper plates, towels, little tiny rubber-bands, popsicle sticks, the stencils and the paint along with a few pieces of fabric. Black cotton a couple of flat quarters and a piece of silk.

The paint she provided was deColourant Plus in three colors. The other bottle was the dis-charger which is essentially like a bleaching .

We began by preparing the cosmetic foam squares by twisting them, folding them over then attaching the rubber-bands. This makes for easy application of the paint.

Next we put a small amount of paint on the paper plate using the popsicle sticks.

Then we applied the paint to the fabric using the stencils. This is the part you must have the most control and accuracy. I clearly went overboard

Potential but still far to go.

After dabbing the paint over the stencil the next step is allow the fabric to dry and then place a paper towel over the fabric and iron with steam and heat.

And then VOILA! The color becomes more bold.  Just wash and you have a finished product to embellish an otherwise dull garment.

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