Goodwill Vintage Traveling Trunk Show at Gossip on 23rd

On Friday, September 24th several fashionistas and lovers of all things vintage donned their vintage attire and headed over to Gossip on 23rd for the First Goodwill Vintage Trunk Show and Silent Auction. I had never visited Gossip prior to that night but I will  admit when this 365 Day Challenge is over I’m making a special trip there to do some serious power shopping. The prices were reasonable and the customer service was awesome.

For this special event Goodwill of Greater Washington teamed up with the ladies over at Spicy Candy DC to pull off a spectacular Vintage event. I had the honor and privilege of assisting in the restoration of some of the vintage finds and if I must say so myself I thought the items looked great on display.

Along with great Vintage goodies Goodwill served up soe edible sweets to go along.

There was even a DJ spinning music

Models wearing the vintage clothing up for auction

Every inch of available space was utilized to hang these fabulous pieces

Shoppers were streaming in the entire evening looking for some unique one of a kind items

There were some very nice blouses, skirts and dresses. After the crowd thinned out for a few minutes I took a peek and found a fabulous black skirt. Vintage or not a black skirt is a necessary staple in any woman’s wardrobe.

Items for the auction had been professionally photographed and lined up for bid to raise money for Goodwill of Greater Washington

This woman was a perfect fit for this gorgeous floor length formal. I wonder if she placed a bid?


After pursuing the Vintage sale I decided to stop over at Gossip but first I took a photo with my fellow fashionista and stylist friend Kaarin

The Gossip show room was buzzing with shoppers. With dressing rooms in the rear, shoes to the left and blouses and dresses down the middle, there was plenty to choose from. I thought the prices were reasonable too. Like I said I will be back when my 365 Day challenge has ended.

I thought this display was so cute and perfect for the fall.  This look is so me. I have to find a way to recreate it without making a purchase. Hmmm…. I have some ideas.

As I was about to turn around an depart for my next event I noticed a Gossip Salesperson wearing an adorable green and beige striped dress. She mentioned it was available for sale. I asked how much and she said $28. I politely asked her to take the dress off so that I could try it on. Yes I bought the dress right off her back.  The story gets even better. She changed into another dress and I asked her “What are you trying to do?” Seriously?? She was wearing this cute muted yellow vintage dress with 3/4 length sleeves. I went in the dressing room and tried them both on. Perfect fits!

Below are two pretty cheesy shots of me trying on vintage.

I liked this one so much I had to buy both. Neither count against my challenge so I’m ok. Problem is I’m running out of space. But seriously I couldn’t pass up either of these 🙂All in all I was thoroughly impressed with the Goodwill Vintage Trunk sale and silent auction and I can’t wait for them to do it again. Way to go Goodwill!!

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